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Home Tending Services

You love your Santa Fe home. While you’re gone, we’ll treat it as if it’s our own.

Vee Bybee presents Platinum Residential Monitoring, Santa Fe’s premier home tending service. Platinum Residential Monitoring offers an array of premium services, but we sell only one thing: peace of mind.

We’re discreet, we’re insured, and we can deal with your other service providers in English or Spanish.

With over 18 years of Santa Fe real estate experience, we’d be honored to add you to our client list.


Good friends of Vee live in Santa Fe part time, but they don’t employ home tenders. While they were away over the winter, a pipe burst inside their home, ruining walls, cabinets, furniture, and flooring. They discovered the mess weeks later, and what they found was about 10 inches of dank water standing throughout the house. The repairs -- to walls, cabinets, floors, and furniture, for water damage, for mold, and for a rodent infestation enabled by the burst pipe -- cost them tens of thousands of dollars and months of aggravation.

Platinum Residential Monitoring probably could not have prevented the accident, but our timely intervention could have limited the damage and the expense to repair it.

When you spend months away, home tending is a necessity – contact us now for a free estimate.